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Afghan Hound Dog Grooming

Looking for a Dog Groomer experienced in Afghan Hounds?

Poodles and Pooches mobile Dog Grooming service is ideal for anyone preferring to have their Afghan Hound groomed by an experience groomer. To book aAfghan Hound grooming appointment call 07050 132314. Based in the Bromely area we cover all of the Bromely, South East London and North Kent

We  strive to make the whole dog grooming experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your Afghan Hound.  As your dog is groomed on a one-to-one basis your Afghan Hound has individual care and attention they deserve.  This is  also great for nervous dogs, or dogs that are not comfortable around others.

If you would like a quote or would like to book your Afghan Hound in for grooming your can contact Poodles 'n' Pooches Dog Grooming by clicking here. Alternatively you can call us on Telephone: 07050 132314 or Mobile : 0796 693 5476

Grooming requirements for the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound has a silky and luxurious coat that can take quite some effort when it comes to grooming. You can expect to spend around three or four hours a week on grooming this breed. You will need to trim his bottom and keep his ear canals clean for health and hygiene reasons, and you may wish to get his coat trimmed every few months. This dog is a medium to high shedder, and therefore is probably not the best choice for those with allergies or those that have little time to spend on grooming their pets.

Coat Length Medium/Long
Grooming Requirement Every Day
Requires Professional Groomer True
Grooming As they lose their puppy coat, extra grooming is necessary to avoid the new coat matting with the old, which would cause discomfort. The older animal's coat should be groomed daily and bath given once a month. Frequent, fastidious combing is necessary to ensure the Afghan looks tidy and feels comfortable.
Colour All colours and colour combinations are possible.
Shedding Moderate
Suffers From Allergies
Tendency to Cause Allergies


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