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PoochesnPoodles supports the Dogs Trust Greyhound Campaign

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With the Dogs Trust You can show your love for just £1 a week

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Every year we look after over 15,000 Dogs at our 17 rehoming centres around the country. Your support means we are able to rescue and rehome even more Dogs who desperately need our help.

Most of the Dogs in our care find loving new homes, but some of them aren’t able to settle in a home environment because of health problems or because of their difficult pasts. Dogs Trust never, ever destroys a healthy dog so we will look after these Dogs for the rest of their lives. They've got loads of love to give and all they need is a best friend like you! So why not sponsor one today for as little as £1 a week.

We need your help

With over 1,400 stray and abandoned Dogs in our care at any one time, we really need your help. We don't receive any government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you. As little as £1 a week will ensure that your sponsor dog, and others, get a second chance for a happy life. You know your money will be well-spent because only 2p in every £1 received by Dogs Trust goes on administration.

You'll get a best friend for life

When you decide to sponsor a dog you'll get a best friend for life. You'll also receive regular news from your chum, as well as a sponsorship pack of fabulous free gifts, including a special photo certificate of your new pal, a wallet-sized sponsor's card, a car sticker and more. You can even sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else. Visit the Dogs Trust today.

The Friends Of Animals League (FOAL) is a registered charity located in Biggin Hill, Kent England.  Its aim is to take in as many sick, distressed and unwanted animals as possible and restore them to health and happiness.  They are then placed in good (vetted) homes.  No healthy animal is ever destroyed, and if no home can be found the animal becomes a resident for the rest of its life at Foal farm.

FOAL's resident animals include horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep and chickens.There are approximately 300 - 400 animals at FOAL at any one time.  We rely entirely on voluntary donations.  Please help us to help them in one of the following ways:  become a member, sponsor an animal, make a donation, become a home vetter, do voluntary or fundraising work or remember FOAL in your will.  For more information please vist the foal farm web site.