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PoochesnPoodles supports the Dogs Trust Greyhound Campaign

Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs.

The charity estimates that just a third of Dogs are currently microchipped and wants to see the Control of Dogs Order amended to make microchipping compulsory alongside the current law stating all Dogs must wear a collar and tag.

107,228 stray and abandoned Dogs were picked up by Local Authorities from UK streets in the last year, according to Dogs Trust’s 2009 Stray Dog Survey. This represents an unacceptable increase of 11% and is the highest increase recorded since records began in 1997. Dogs Trust firmly believes the most effective way of reducing stray dog numbers in the long-term is through microchipping, alongside education and neutering. Last year microchips helped reunite 15% of strays with their owners – with compulsory microchipping the charity estimates that upwards of 50% could be reunited.

The introduction of Compulsory Microchipping would:

  • Enable lost or straying Dogs to be reunited promptly with their owners – meaning less Dogs will be put to sleep at council pounds
  • Permanently identify a dog in such a way that is virtually impossible to alter or remove - a clear advantage for Dogs that are stolen
  • Enable clear identification of the dog’s owner when prosecution is being considered for dog thieves and antisocial behaviour
  • Significantly decrease the workload of all those dealing with stray Dogs
  • Reduce kennelling costs and save time
  • Allow puppies bred illegally or inappropriately on puppy farms to be traced to their source
  • Significantly increase the welfare of racing greyhounds as they could be traced back to their owners whilst they are racing and once they retire