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Whippet Grooming and Breed Care

Whippet Temperament

Affectionate, gentle, and sweet, the Whippet is an adaptable creature with an amiable attitude. These dogs are devoted pets and companions, and are fine with inexperienced owners as well as the more experienced. The Whippet does like to have a run around and play, but is also happy enjoying the creature comforts of home. These dogs love the attention of their owners, and enjoy interactive play. He does require daily exercise, and his play area must be safe and secure, as he is very agile and will be off and away before you realize. They are very in tune with the emotions of their owners, and are sensitive and sometimes timid. Early socialization is important with the whippet to promote a more confident, outgoing personality. When they put their minds to something and see something that they think must be chased Whippets are intensely focused. However, they are also dogs that enjoy snuggling up with their owners and relaxing on the furniture.


The Whippet will get on well with children, but he is fragile and should not be around younger, boisterous children that may pester and rough handle him. Some may be timid around strangers, whereas others will be polite. They do make good watchdogs, as they will bark is something appears to be amiss. With early socialization the Whippet should get on okay with household pets, although owners may want to be cautious around smaller, running creatures that could be seen as prey. Like other sighthounds the Whippet is very sensitive to touch, and should not be startled with unexpected physical contact. Their intelligence, eagerness to please, and quick learning rate makes these dogs relatively easy to train, although corrections must always be verbal because of their sensitive nature.

Whippet Appearance

The Whippet is a svelte, elegant, and fragile looking dog. He looks very much like a small version of a greyhound. These dogs have long legs, intelligent expressions, and move with grace and dignity. The coat of the Whippet is close fitting, fine, and smooth. The coloring of these dogs can vary and includes blue, brindle, white, fawn, and black. The height of the Whippet is around 18-21 inches for females, and 19-22 inches for males. These dogs weigh in at around 20-30 pounds for females, and 25-40 pounds for males.

Whippet Grooming

When it comes to maintenance the Whippet does not require much work. You can simply brush his coat occasionally to keep it looking sleek and it good condition. These dogs are also low shedder, and may therefore be suited to those with allergies.

Whippet Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Whippet is around 12-15 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for with this breed. This includes cataracts, lens luxation, heart problems, SA, PRA, thyroid problems, and sensitivity to chemicals and drugs. You should also remember that the skin of the Whippet is very thin and can easily get damaged by anything from garden nettles to the claws of an angry cat. They are very sensitive to cold because of their thin skin, and should be provided with a sweater in colder weather when outdoors. Make sure that you provide the Whippet with soft, cushioned bedding to protect his bones and joints from pressure. The parents of the Whippet puppy should have CERF certificates and clearance for sebaceous adenitis (SA).

Whippet History

One of the fastest breeds in the world, the Whippet was developed from the greyhound and terriers and originates from England.

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